Our Free 12 Point Marketing Analysis

This Analysis has proven to to be extremely valuable to my clients. And for a limited time we're offering it free to you. It helps show what the strengths and weaknesses of a business or organization are online. The report is customized to your organization. There's no obligation, but there is a limited number that we do each month. With the report we offer a free phone consultation reviewing the results and action steps that will help you be more successful with your online marketing.


1. Performance check of website measures page size and speed of page load
2. Mobile device review
3. Security Check
4. Design review

Social Media and Inbound links

9. Social Media review and optimization checklist
10. Local directory review


5. How well your site is optimized
6. Keyword ranking
7. Competition analysis
8. In what towns can you be easily found?


Call to Action

11. Contact form review
12. Email marketing review

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