New Website for a National Organic Agriculture and Landscape Product Distributor for Green Earth Ag & Turf in Branford

By Paul Halagan | Nov 20, 2018

About 5 years ago we designed the initial branding for Green Earth Ag & Turf. At the time the company was just forming and Joe and Emily had one main product that they were selling. Five years later the company has grown into a national reseller of Organic Ag and Turf products. The original site […]

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Every Organization (Still) Needs a Website

By Paul Halagan | Oct 12, 2018

Every organization has (or should have) a website. How useful it is? Is it helping your organization reach its goals? The purpose of a organization website has been evolving since the first web page went live in 1991. Organizations were some of the early pioneers on the web, creating websites and the first social networks: […]

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business marketing website

Business Marketing Website :
Corporate Cranium, a Creative Email Marketing Website

By Paul Halagan | Sep 4, 2018

Corporate Cranium is a business marketing website. It’s a director of participating mentors and an ongoing blog that mentors contribute to with articles that are important and timely for businesses in the mentors target audience. On a bi-monthly basis the articles are used to create an e-newsletter that is then provided to mentors for distribution […]

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bioscience start-up website

BioScience Start-up:
Cytosolix 1 Page Start-up Website

By Paul Halagan | Sep 1, 2018

Cytosolix is a start-up working through the ABCT program. Cytosolix has discovered a way to re-engineer existing chemotherapeutics to target solid tumors. They needed a professional web presence to present to interested investors and partners. We created a simple 1 page website with a contact page that provides a legitimate online presence for investors to […]

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ADA Compliance for WordPress Websites

ADA Compliance for WordPress Websites

By Paul Halagan | Mar 3, 2018

ADA Compliance for WordPress Websites is possible. If you have an organization with a website that has been around for a while, chances are ADA wasn’t taken into account when it was built and over the years content has grown and you’re facing a big task of making your website compliant.   There are some […]

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A Biotech Accelerator, a Book Agency, and a College Coach

By Paul Halagan | Feb 7, 2018

Three recent website projects have kept us busy. Two used our custom directory plugin and one was a website for an educational consultant. A business accelerator for bioscience start-ups A children’s trade agent A college coach Here’s a brief description the projects. A Website to Promote Biosciences in CT A Branford based business with a […]

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Updates at Halagan Design 2017-2018

By Paul Halagan | Jan 12, 2018

We Don’t Stand Still   2017 was a year of adding new clients and new systems at Halagan Design. As websites evolve and the web expands our focus continues to be on Organic Web Marketing. This suits a lot our client base and produces the best value and brand exposure based on limited marketing resources. […]

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Web Traffic: Where does it come from?

By Paul Halagan | Dec 13, 2017

You may have a great website, but do you have great web traffic from your target audience? Understanding web traffic sources can help you boost your web traffic. Here are the primary sources of web traffic. 1. Direct traffic: People who type in your url into the browser or click on a bookmark. In other […]

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Gallery: Website Update for Online and In Store Shopping

By Paul Halagan | Oct 15, 2017

The Project It had been 4 years since we had initailly worked with Barbara to update her brand and build a new website for BSK Design and it was time to do an update. Our first design of the website was built before mobile websites took hold. Make the website mobile friendly Update the shop […]

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