Get Google Reviews in 5 Steps

Last week I received an email from a client that had a request for an Google review. What a great way to get Google reviews. Make it easy for happy clients can easily give a 5 star review. I did a little research and can up with several ways of doing it, but I liked Paul Morris's approach the best.

Step 1

Here’s what you do (if you need any help let me know):
Search for your business in Google
If your registered with Google your business should pop up on the right side in the Google business box. Click on “Write a Review”Get Google reviews

Copy the URL.Get Google reviews

Put a ,5 at the end the url link, the review will have 5 stars prechecked for your reviewer. The link will look like this:,3,5

You can shorten the URL so it’s a bit more user friendly. Go to Copy and paste your long URL into the textbox and click “shorten URL”. The Shortened link will look something like this

I hope this helps you get Google reviews. If you’re not registered with Google Business and need help. Send me an email.

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