Our 12 Point Marketing Review

This Analysis is an extremely valuable tool for improving the effectiveness of your website. It helps show what the strengths and weaknesses of a business or organization are online. Below is a list of what is included.

Website Review

1. Performance check of website  speed of page loading
2. How your site performs on mobile devices
3. Does it pass Googles security check
4. Is the design user friendly

Search Engine Review

5. How well your site performs in a search
6. How does your site rank for specific keywords
7. How does your website compare to your competition?
8. In what towns can you be easily found?

Social Media and Links

9. Review of Social Media marketing
10. Local directory review

Call to Action

11. Reviewing how easy to contact you
12. Review lead generation opportunities

The final report includes this review and suggestions that you can take to improve your traffic and conversion on your website.

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