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Get Google Reviews in 5 Easy Steps

By Paul Halagan / June 25, 2019

Recently I had the opportunity to give a 5 Star Google Review to a business that did work for me. I was very happy with the service and took the steps to leave a review. I’m always happy to do this and know that reviews can make a big difference to a local company. Many […]

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Planning Social Media for Your Business

By Paul Halagan / June 21, 2019

What social media channel is your target audience likely to be using? Facebook, YouTube, Linked-in, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest are the main channels to look at. Facebook is often the focus of social media campaigns. It has the largest audience and Facebook has created a resource of tools that can be used to create campaigns and […]

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What Are WordPress Pingbacks & Trackbacks?

By Paul Halagan / May 9, 2019

If you’ve ever dug into the WP dashboard while blogging you may have come across pingbacks & trackbacks and scratched you head as I have. What are they?  What they do? Should I allow them. Here’s a good article by John Hughes that explains Pings and Trackbacks that does a good job of explaining them […]

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Organizing Your Media on WordPress

By Paul Halagan / May 3, 2019

I often build sites with  lots of images, pdfs that can become a real headache to manage. In the past I’ve used Enhanced Media Library. It’s easy to use and catagorize the media library. I ran into a conflict with Beaver Builder, which is my primary site building tool and haven’t found a replacement yet. […]

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Adding ReCaptcha to Gravity forms

By Paul Halagan / November 20, 2018

What is reCAPTCHA and why would should you like it? ReCAPTCHA is a test used on intake forms designed to foil automated bots that add spam to your inbox.  There are many variations. Gravity forms is one of the most most popular WordPress form plugins. Adding reCAPTCHA is pretty easy. Really Simple Captcha is one […]

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Every Organization (Still) Needs a Website

By Paul Halagan / October 12, 2018

Every organization has (or should have) a website. How useful it is? Is it helping your organization reach its goals? The purpose of a organization website has been evolving since the first web page went live in 1991. Organizations were some of the early pioneers on the web, creating websites and the first social networks: […]

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ADA Compliance for Wordpress Websites

ADA Compliance for WordPress Websites

By Paul Halagan / March 3, 2018

ADA Compliance for WordPress Websites is possible. If you have an organization with a website that has been around for a while, chances are ADA wasn’t taken into account when it was built and over the years content has grown and you’re facing a big task of making your website compliant. There are some new […]

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Updates at Halagan Design 2017-2018

By Paul Halagan / January 12, 2018

We Don’t Stand Still 2017 was a year of adding new clients and new systems at Halagan Design. As websites evolve and the web expands our focus continues to be on Organic Web Marketing. This suits a lot our client base and produces the best value and brand exposure based on limited marketing resources. Marketing […]

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Web Traffic: Where does it come from?

By Paul Halagan / December 13, 2017

You may have a great website, but do you have great web traffic from your target audience? Understanding web traffic sources can help you boost your web traffic. Here are the primary sources of web traffic. 1. Direct traffic: People who type in your url into the browser or click on a bookmark. In other […]

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Create an easy to remember password that’s safe

By Paul Halagan / August 16, 2017

I was listening to All Things Considered the other day and “All Things Tech” and they talked about new guidelines for creating password easy to remember password making it easier on the brain. Instead of creating an complex random password with 20 characters, digits, and special characters that are impossible to remember, the National Institute […]

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Fundamental Rules of Web Marketing

By Paul Halagan / April 26, 2017

Some people might be under the misconception that they just need a new website and their marketing will be resolved. I’ve create a list of some of some fundamental rules of web marketing. There are six areas considered and 5 rules listed for each area.

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HTTP vs HTTPS, Safe or Unsafe, Google Weighs In.

By Paul Halagan / January 17, 2017

  What’s HTTP? HTTP precedes and it tells the browser to connect using Hypertext Transfer Protocol. HTTP is a standard protocol developed to allow client and server to communicate with other websites. A client sends a request to a server and the server sends back a website. What is HTTPS? HTTPS stands for Hypertext […]

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Wordpress Security

WordPress Security Tasks

By Paul Halagan / October 20, 2016

A checklist from Kristen Wright at iThemes Web security is a big deal. Keeping a website secure is incredibly important. Case in point, Equifax. Here are some tips for maintaining WordPress security from Kristen Wright at iThemes. I expanded on Kristens recommendations a bit. The iThemes Toolbox is one of many good tools out there. […]

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WordPress Hosting 10 best from Elegant Theme’s Blog

By Paul Halagan / September 12, 2016

Tom Ewer at Elegant Themes put together a top ten list of managed WordPress hosting. Choosing the right web host is one of the most important decisions to make, and also one of the most difficult. Good hosting is critical for truly optimizing the end user’s experience; however, it’s easy to feel confused when trying to […]

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