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Email Spam laws

By Paul Halagan / November 30, 2019   Need help with your website? Halagan Design is a marketing studio specializing in web design and marketing for expert and nonprofit organizations as well as businesses interested in […]

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Moving to a New Address?
Don’t Forget Your Digital Footprint!

By Paul Halagan / November 15, 2019

Moving your digital footprint. Sometimes your business name, logo, or address changes. I’ve created this list to help make the move a little bit easier. I recently had a client […]

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WordPress Maintenance and Hosting 101

By Paul Halagan / November 1, 2019

A WordPress website is an Open Source CMS. What does that mean? Let’s break it down!   WordPress is a website framework used for creating hosted websites. In a way […]

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Planning a New Website

By Paul Halagan / October 23, 2019

If you feel your website isn’t helping your business or organization grow, here are a six things about web design you should keep in mind.

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Get Google Reviews in 5 Easy Steps

By Paul Halagan / June 25, 2019

5 star reviews help build trust in your business or organization. If you get a simple process in place, the results will be worth the effort.   Recently I had […]

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Planning Social Media for Your Business

By Paul Halagan / June 21, 2019

What social media channel is your target audience likely to be using? Facebook, YouTube, Linked-in, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest are the main channels to look at. Facebook is often the focus […]

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What Are WordPress Pingbacks & Trackbacks?

By Paul Halagan / May 9, 2019

If you’ve ever dug into the WP dashboard while blogging you may have come across pingbacks & trackbacks and scratched you head as I have. What are they?  What they […]

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Organizing Your Media on WordPress

By Paul Halagan / May 3, 2019

Is there a good way to manage your media library? I often build sites with  lots of images, pdfs that can become a real headache to manage. In the past […]

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Adding ReCaptcha to Gravity forms

By Paul Halagan / November 20, 2018

What is reCAPTCHA and why would should you like it? ReCAPTCHA is a test used on intake forms designed to foil automated bots that add spam to your inbox.  There […]

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Every Organization (Still) Needs a Website

By Paul Halagan / October 12, 2018

Every organization has (or should have) a website. How useful it is? Is it helping your organization reach its goals? The purpose of a organization website has been evolving since […]

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ADA Compliance for Wordpress Websites

ADA Compliance for WordPress Websites

By Paul Halagan / March 3, 2018

ADA Compliance for WordPress Websites is possible. If you have an organization with a website that has been around for a while, chances are ADA wasn’t taken into account when […]

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Updates at Halagan Design 2017-2018

By Paul Halagan / January 12, 2018

We Don’t Stand Still   2017 was a year of adding new clients and new systems at Halagan Design. As websites evolve and the web expands our focus continues to […]

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Web Traffic: Where does it come from?

By Paul Halagan / December 13, 2017

You may have a great website, but do you have great web traffic from your target audience? Understanding web traffic sources can help you boost your web traffic. Here are […]

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Create an easy to remember password that’s safe

By Paul Halagan / August 16, 2017

I was listening to All Things Considered the other day and “All Things Tech” and they talked about new guidelines for creating password easy to remember password making it easier […]

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Fundamental Rules of Web Marketing

By Paul Halagan / April 26, 2017

Some people might be under the misconception that they just need a new website and their marketing will be resolved. I’ve create a list of some of some fundamental rules of web marketing. There are six areas considered and 5 rules listed for each area.

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HTTP vs HTTPS, Safe or Unsafe, Google Weighs In.

By Paul Halagan / January 17, 2017

  What’s HTTP? HTTP precedes and it tells the browser to connect using Hypertext Transfer Protocol. HTTP is a standard protocol developed to allow client and server to communicate […]

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Wordpress Security

WordPress Security Tasks

By Paul Halagan / October 20, 2016

A checklist from Kristen Wright at iThemes Web security is a big deal. Keeping a website secure is incredibly important. Case in point, Equifax. Here are some tips for maintaining […]

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WordPress Hosting 10 best from Elegant Theme’s Blog

By Paul Halagan / September 12, 2016

Tom Ewer at Elegant Themes put together a top ten list of managed WordPress hosting. Choosing the right web host is one of the most important decisions to make, and also […]

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