Communicating with Your Customers During Covid-19


During Covid-19 it’s important to provide guidance and clarity to your customers. Communicating regularly with your clients and customers will help keep them informed about what you are doing to keep your clients and employees safe during the outbreak. Let your customers know that you are using safe practices of social distancing and let them know what procedures you are using to keep customers and employees safe.

Everyone is hyper-aware that social distancing and isolation is your best bet for staying safe, but it can be difficult when you're trying to keep your business running.

Here are some ways you can communicate with your customers during Covid-19.

On Your Website:

Use your website to let your customers know what you are doing to protect your employees as well as your customers. If you are working remotely, how does that effect how they do business with you?

A banner popup is a good way to explain your business status, hours, pickup and delivery options, etc. If you are doing business, explain what the procedures are and what limitations you have.

A Covid-19 FAQs page is a good way to provide important information about your business during this time. Anticipate what people may be asking and use the FAQs format to provide the answers.

Email Updates:

Once you’ve explained your policies for Covid-19, avoid emailing the same content. Be creative. If you’re a real estate agent, provide a tip on how a virtual closing can keep everyone safe or email them a tip sheet on selling their home during Covid-19. If you’re a business lawyer or financial advisor share what you can about the financial programs and offer free consultations. What you do now can build new clients in the future.

Your Google Business Page

Update your Google profile to reflect changes to hours or services and what best practices you are following. When people Google your business, your business profile offers an important opportunity to communicate with those visitors.

Social Media

During Covid-19, people are relying on their social communities for information and support. Using your social media channels can help you communicate with your local community and audience. Be part of the conversation and be a positive voice.

Finding Ways to Stay Connected to Your Team and Your Audience.

Creative thinking is required to continue doing business for most companies. I'm in a business group and every week I hear of new ways that small businesses are providing critical services and doing business differently. Here is a link to an interesting article about creative business solutions. 5 creative ways small businesses are succeeding during the COVID-19 quarantine


We’re all in this together.

We’re experiencing our world from a very different point of view and there are a lot of emotions going on: fear, confusion, anger, concern, helplessness, frustration. Many of us are struggling to keep our businesses going. Many have lost their jobs and have little in reserve. As a community and a country, it’s important that we pull together and offer a helping hand in whatever way we can.

Need help with your online presence during Covid-19?

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