Moving to a New Address?
Don’t Forget Your Digital Footprint!

moving your digital footprint

Moving your digital footprint. Sometimes your business name, logo, or address changes. I've created this list to help make the move a little bit easier.

I recently had a client who moved and changed their business name. The business had been in the same location for over 10 years and over that time it had made many connections. It took quite a while to identitfy all of the listings and update them. So I thought this might help a business who is making a move or changing their business name.

Here is a list of online, print and other listings to update.

☐ Your Website

Change of Address (Your website may have multiple areas where your address is lists). Check the following.

  • Home page
  • Contact page
  • Footer
  • Forms
  • On older sites the address could be in a graphic that then has to be edited using image editing software.
  • The address can also be in SEO meta data used for google searches.
  • Update Google map
  • Update phone number and email if new.

Business Name Change (Your Logo & Business name is used in several places on your Website)

  • Website header
  • Footer
  • Headlines
  • Page text
  • Blog articles
  • Graphics
  • Popups
  • Business name and logo above address listings

☐ Google Listing

Your Google business listing will need to be updated. In order to sign in to your Google My Business. Once you submit your new address to Google they will send you a post card with a verification code that needs to be entered on your Google My Business. Click verify location and enter code. If you have changed your name and logo a new graphic will have to be uploaded.

☐ Social Media

Your business name and address in your profile. Be sure to log into each account and update the address and/or your business logo and name if it has changed

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

☐ Email Marketing

If you use Mail Chimp, Constant Contact or any other email marketing service, your logo and or business address may be listed on templates. Also your business profile might also need to be updated.

☐ Email Signature

Most businesses have a business signature. Be sure to update this.

☐ Online Directories

Google yourself and see what comes up that has your address listing. Thee are many local directories that can have your business name and address listed. It’s worth changing as many of these as possible to the name and new address.

Start by searching for your old address and making a note of any page in the top 20. Those are the places you need to change first.

Keeping those local citations up to date as you move is incredibly important. Inconsistent phone numbers across numerous websites can effect your local ranking. You can learn more about managing your local data and download a great checklist at

☐ Town Government, State Department of Revenue and IRS

Be sure to update any change with all three government agencies

☐ Local Chamber of Commerce

If you're a member add this to your list.

☐ Print Marketing

  • Business cards
  • Company letterhead
  • Additional promotional material
    • Brochures
    • Posters
    • Pens
    • Etc.


I hope this list helps. Moving is a lot of work. Make sure your digital footprint follows you.