Search Engine Optimization

Organic SEO

Your website needs to be quickly be found in search. Being on page one is important. To do this, your website must to follow the rules of good Search Engine Optimization known as SEO.

In the past people would try to game the system of Search Engine Optimization. Stuffing keywords, creating landing pages with no real value, just a bunch of keywords. Like all things in the digital world things are constantly changing and the approach to Search Engine Optimization much more focused on good content and the results are designed to bring more value to people doing the search.

Having an SEO strategy will help you reach page one and bring a higher quality of traffic to your website. Here are few important rules to follow.

  1. Do keyword research to identify what keywords are important to your target audience
  2. If you have a wordpress website, use a tool like Yoast SEO and optimize every page
  3. If you're trying to get targeted leads, identify topics that are relevant to your targeted audience
  4. Create content regularly. Blog posts, Guest Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Images, white paper downloads
  5. Link to and from influencers

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