Creating Ebooks and Self-publishing with Create Space


Self-publishing has been made easy with services like Amazon's Create Space. In the last couple of years, I've designed and produced a half dozen books for clients using Amazon Create Space. There are many self-publishing companies out there, but Create Space is easy and the quality decent. It's a good fit for authors who want to get their book published and available for sale on line.

My background is steeped in book design and production. As an art director in a very successful education development design studio for over 20 years, my experience started in the old days of cut and paste type, galleys, wax machines and mechanicals. Self-publishing has come a long way in the last 6 years.

Over the many years working with the largest elementary school publishers in the country, I experienced the amazing transformation to desktop publishing and digital design. Year after year newer and better software and hardware was developed. And we changed with it. Design changed from months and years of hard work and physical manipulations to hours, weeks and months digital manipulation. What didn't change was the principals of good design.

The Create Space projects range from a 3 volume Retirement Series for a financial firm, to an Eric Hoffer Award finalist book on Feng Shui, to a Child's Guide for Making Friends and Changing the World.

Although I spend most of my time telling stories with websites, creating a book is still a rewarding experience. The physical product that is produced will always hold a sweet spot for me.

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