Updating Logo and Online Branding


Creating consistent branding involves good graphic design. Accent Accurate had a good logo, but no guide for consistent treatment marketing the business. The first step was to review all of the places the logo was being used and how it was being used.

After reviewing this we came up with several new arrangements with and without a new tagline.

After approving the updated layout we created a logo usage guide that showed how to use the logo on white, reversed out of the new standard teal blue as well as black and white.

Once this was approved we created a series of Templates and graphics for various marketing purposes.

Logo Variations
Screenshot 2020-07-03 10.05.44
Constant Contact Template
Screenshot 2020-07-03 10.08.09
Facebook Banner
Zoom Background
Marketing Word Template
AA-Stationary1 sample
Stationary Word TEmplate
AA-Stationary2 sample

Design Services Provided

  • Update Logo & Create Style Guide
  • Social Media Branding
  • Constant Contact Template
  • Stationary

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