Updating Logo and Online Branding

By Paul Halagan | Jul 3, 2020

Creating consistent branding involves good graphic design. Accent Accurate had a good logo, but no guide for consistent treatment marketing the business. The first step was to review all of the places the logo was being used and how it was being used. After reviewing this we came up with several new arrangements with and […]

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Great Article on Best Tools for Telecommuting

By Paul Halagan | Jun 12, 2020

  Our Friends at Beaver Builder have put together a great analysis of the best tools for telecommuting with a resource guide. Working from home is now required for many businesses. The Best Tools for Telecommuting (Resources Included) Need help with your marketing and branding? Halagan Design is a design studio specializing in web design […]

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Email Marketing and Spam EMails

Email Marketing and Email Spam Laws

By Paul Halagan | May 30, 2020

  When send out email it’s important that you follow the Spam Act Compliance Guideline. If you are emailing to a large list, be sure that everyone on that list has opted in. Hee are the guidelins from the FTC.   Need help with your marketing and branding? Halagan Design is a design studio […]

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Communicating with Your Customers During Covid-19

By Paul Halagan | Apr 16, 2020

During Covid-19 it’s important to provide guidance and clarity to your customers. Communicating regularly with your clients and customers will help keep them informed about what you are doing to keep your clients and employees safe during the outbreak. Here are some ways you can communicate with your customers during Covid-19.

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New Business Branding & Launch

By Eileen | Jan 10, 2020

Evermore Homes  is a new business. The client wanted to work with a local business and was starting with a great idea, but had not formalized the name or what was needed to launch the new business. We brainstormed possible business names and potential domain name options. From there we designed a logo for the […]

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website for forensic accounting

Website for Forensic Accounting Firm in Branford

By Paul Halagan | Nov 17, 2019

The website for Lloyd Forensic Accounting was a collaboration with our writing partner. We teamed up to create a new website that focuses attention on key service areas of the company. By combining our marketing, design, and production expertise with expert writing skills we were able to design and launch this website from start to […]

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Moving to a New Address?
Don’t Forget Your Digital Footprint!

By Paul Halagan | Nov 15, 2019

Moving your digital footprint. Sometimes your business name, logo, or address changes. I’ve created this list to help make the move a little bit easier. I recently had a client who moved and changed their business name. The business had been in the same location for over 10 years and over that time it had […]

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WordPress Maintenance and Hosting 101

By Paul Halagan | Nov 1, 2019

A WordPress website is an Open Source CMS. What does that mean? Let’s break it down!   WordPress is a website framework used for creating hosted websites. In a way it’s like a Christmas tree. Freshly cut from the forest, it has a raw beauty and is attractive just as it is. But most people […]

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Planning a New Website

By Paul Halagan | Oct 23, 2019

If you feel your website isn’t helping your business or organization grow, here are a six things about web design you should keep in mind.

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