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easy to remember password

I was listening to All Things Considered the other day and "All Things Tech" and they talked about new guidelines for creating password easy to remember password making it easier on the brain.

Instead of creating an complex random password with 20 characters, digits, and special characters that are impossible to remember, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has created revised guideline that can lighten that burden.

Longer passwords are harder to break than shorter ones. Paul Grassi, senior standards and technology advisor at NIST recommends. Keeping passwords simple, long and memorable. Phrases, lowercase letters and typical English words work well. Grassi says. "So if you can picture it in your head, and no one else could, that's a good password."

Here's a link to the full article.

There are real risks to not taking password security seriously. Having a safe password policy is important. Reusing passwords is a bad idea. If a site like Yahoo gets hacked the password you used can make any account that shares the password vulnerable.

I've adopted LastPass as my go to password security system. It creates unique passwords for any login and remembers it, you only have one master password that you need to remember. It creates a vault of all the passwords that you use, which you can access by logging into your account. Whenever you log into a site that requires a password it remembers what was set and enters the username and password. I literally have thousands of usernames and passwords that I have to manage. Whether you have 5 login accounts or 500, LastPass is a terrific solution.

Bill Hess at Pixel Privacy wrote a terrific article titled "The Real Risks of Re Using The Same Passwords." Please check it out. So much of our lives are exposed through the internet. And when it comes down to staying secure, having a good password policy that you use is very important.

Be safe out there.

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