Locksmith: Improving website traffic

Rackliffe Lock & Safe was holding onto an old legacy website that was built many years ago. This old site was old, but it got a lot of traffic. The problem was it wasn't mobile friendly and although it got plenty of traffic, it wasn't getting a good conversion rate. Our goal was to not just maintain SEO ranking, but to surpass it and to increase conversion rates for people coming to the website.

First, we did an analysis of the website. There were some critical questions that needed to be answered

  • What were the critical keywords and how was the website ranking in a search?
  • What keywords were being missed?
  • Who was the competition and what were they doing differently?

Identifing 5 major areas that needed to address

  1. Updating the website identity including the logo and development of the Rackliffe Lock & Safe Character.
  2. Identify the key service areas and create landing pages with details of the services in each area.
  3. Developing a "Call Me Back" call to action to make it easy for customers to get help.
  4. Develop town landing pages to help business come up in a search.
  5. Put in place a tightly crafted organic search strategy that kept all of the existing SEO juice and add town by town unique landing pages for the areas of service.

The Launch

The site had a very successful launch. Within the first few hours a two new customer used the Call Me Back form. The website consistently ranks high in Google and Call Me Back Responses come in daily.

Client Testimonial

"We had a very old site that was obsolete. But it was working. I met Paul from Halagan Design and we started the conversation of what he could do for us.  A better site functionally. A site that would elevate our google ranking and allow customer immediate access to service.
We had no idea what we really wanted the site to look like. If you've ever shopped for a new site, that is a dangerous place to be. You are at the mercy of your designer imagination and grasp of your company and most importantly, your company's identity.

Paul came to the table prepared. Not only did he create a design that worked, it had our DNA all over it. Paul's ideas of creating individual town pages and a call me button was genius.
From the day the site launched, we experienced increase in sales, visibility and most important for us, search ranking. We are at the top in just about every search you can think of for my Profession.

Best part of the site is we can build and grow with it. Many sites are built and are so loaded with information that they become hard to navigate and load. A real killer for someone wanting quick search results.  Our site now is quick, searchable and very very informative. It allows potential customers the comfort of making that first call. We are super excited that we chose Paul and his company to design, build and optimize our site. My suggestion is you do the same."

Rick Bayuk - Owner
Rackliffe Safe & Lock

Design Services

  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Content Writing
  • Town Specific and detailed services Landing Pages
  • "Call Me Back" Call to action
  • UX designed for to make it easy for customers to contact company
  • UI designed to be distinctive from the competition
  • Mobile Friendly Design

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