Organizing Your Media on WordPress

Is there a good way to manage your media library?

I often build sites with  lots of images, pdfs that can become a real headache to manage. In the past I've used Enhanced Media Library. It's easy to use and catagorize the media library. I ran into a conflict with Beaver Builder, which is my primary site building tool.

I since tried out Filebird created by Ninja Team. In your media library you can create category folders and drag images from the media library into the folders. The media library lets you view your library in the list view or grid view. You can drag and drop form either view, but the media edit views are different and I found selecting a category from the edit view is only and option when you get to edit view from the grid view.

Here's a video about the plugin.


The folks over at Color Lib put together a list of Media Library management tools for WordPress worth checking out.  Take a look at their list

If you have a big library of media on your website one of these plugins might be your ticket to media management nirvana.


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