Web Traffic: Where does it come from?


You may have a great website, but do you have great web traffic from your target audience? Understanding web traffic sources can help you boost your web traffic.

Here are the primary sources of web traffic.

1. Direct traffic: People who type in your url into the browser or click on a bookmark. In other words people who know you. Direct traffic is one of the best forms of traffic as it is usually someone who already knows you and a relationship is budding or already established.

2. Referral traffic: Traffic coming from referrals is an indication that your efforts at getting the word out is effective. Other websites including social media offer opportunities to create content links back to your website. Some effective referral links are

  • Social media posts that link to your website
  • Business Directories

3. Search traffic: Traffic comes to your website through browser search. There are two main types of search traffic:

Organic Traffic - Websites with good content and well optimized for key search phrases are rewarded by search engines by placing your website at the top of a search. Organic traffic is free.

Paid Traffic - Pay Per Click advertising (Adwords, PPC) -  Paid search can be used to reach a wider audience. There are several options for paid search. Google Adwords uses keyword phrases to match up with targeted searches. You can target demographically and add as many keywords as your budget can afford. Social media such as facebook and linkedin also provide paid ad services which can be very targeted and cost effective per click.

4. Campaign traffic: The goal of an online marketing campaign is often to drive traffic to a landing page on your website. Email  is often used for online marketing as well as posts on social media.

Reviewing how you are interacting with your traffic sources can help you make some changes that positively effect your traffic and your bottom link. Marketing is a long distance race following some fundamental rules will help you be a leader.

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